Kumisolo & Joe Davolaz — Kabuki Femme Fatale

Kumisolo & Joe Davolaz — Kabuki Femme Fatale


Tona Serenad — TS18
Release date: 2017-05-12
Format: Gatefold LP (+ MP3 Promo Code)
EAN: 7320470221020
Edition: 300 copies

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Kumisolo started collaborating with Swedish tropical band Joe Davolaz by singing on their « Cha Cha André » EP. Attracted by their warm and authentic sound, she decided to meet them in Stockholm and record the arrangements for her second album « Kabuki Femme Fatale ». By jamming together in Tropiska studios, a true alchemy soon operated between Kumi’s bitter sweet pop compositions and the band’s live vibrations. Listening to « Kabuki Femme Fatale », music lovers will probably tell their common fascination for timeless pop artists, such as Haruomi Hosono, Martin Denny, Françoise Hardy or the synthpop trio Antena. Like a psych-pop concept album rescued from a time capsule, « Kabuki Femme Fatale » brings you a kaleidoscopic reading on the modern woman with unique hypnotic sounds.

Limited edition gatefold LP released by Tona Serenad under exclusive license from Alter K.
« Kabuki Femme Fatale » is also available in France by Alter K and in Japan by Flau.

01. Voyage
02. Pop Girl
03. Jungle Lady
04. Kung-Fu Boy
05. La tête ailleurs
06. Pico Pico Robot Woman
07. Kabuki Femme Fatale
08. Automne Joli
09. Ping Pong Machine
10. Tous Les Jours