Se och Hör — Se Mig, Hör Mig, Känn Mig

Se och Hör — Se Mig, Hör Mig, Känn Mig


Signal and Sound — SAS005
Release date: 2017-08-31
Format: LP (+ MP3 Promo Code)
EAN: 7320470226667
Edition: 300 copies

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Se och Hör first got together in the fall of 2011, and it’s been a free jazz love story ever since. The four fearless voices of the band’s members make their music unpredictable and a borderline dangerous listen. They have performed at clubs, festivals, churches and in the streets—both in and outside of Sweden—and have attracted many with their catchy and addictive music. Their debut album “Hör och häpna” (2014) was received with overwhelmingly positive response from both critics and listeners.

On “Se mig, hör mig, känn mig,” Se och Hör invite Mattias Ståhl, the legendary vibraphonist, to join them as a special guest. Mattias Ståhl’s relentless playing in the last few decades has made him a cult figure on the Swedish jazz scene. Listen in as they make an explosive attempt to solve the mysteries of free jazz and as they play, in pure desperation, to find answers to questions for which there are no answers. The results are astonishing! Released on Signal And Sound Records, with cover art by John Henriksson. Made as a luxurious, heavy vinyl, limited to 300 copies.

Niklas Barnö — Trumpet
Anna Högberg — Saxophone
Emil Skogh — Bass
Dennis Egberth — Drums

Mattias Ståhl — Vibraphone

1. Skärp dig!
2. Om och om igen
3. Sparven
4. Bunkerbåt
5. Gasen i botten
6. Sarasvati
7. Brorsan

”Skärp dig!” and ”Om igen och om igen” composed by Dennis Egberth
”Bunkerbåt” and ”Gasen i botten” composed by Anna Högberg
”Sparven”, ”Sarasvati” and ”Brorsan” composed by Emil Skogh
Recorded in March and May 2016 in Stockholm by Mats Äleklint
Mixed and mastered by Mats Äleklint
Executive producer Anders Ahlén
Cover art by John Henriksson