Vilhelm Bromanders Initiativ — Allt Åt Alla

Vilhelm Bromanders Initiativ — Allt Åt Alla


Signal and Sound — SAS004
Release date: 2017-05-24
Format: LP (+ MP3 Promo Code)
EAN: 7320470222478
Edition: 300 copies

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The Initiative is a non-hierarchical  collective with roots in the '60s free jazz and contemporary improvised music. The music is characterised by the joy of playing, both in free forms and long-composed suite forms, where hard swing, wild improvisations and lyrical melodies melt together in unexpected combinations.

The five members are  all deeply involved in the Swedish and Norweigan free jazz scene. With distinctive voices they create a living — urgent — collective sound.

Marthe Lea — Saxophone
Niklas Barnö — Trumpet
Lisa Ullén — Piano
Vilhelm Bromander — Double bass
Christopher Cantillo — Drums

1. Mot Kung & Fosterland
2. Cococo
3. Rockefeller Rock
4. Allt åt Alla
5. Den Bortglömda Utopin