Thomas Backman — Did You Have A Good Day, David?

Thomas Backman — Did You Have A Good Day, David?


Modern Musik — MOM001
Release date: 2017-08-29
Format: LP
EAN: 7320470231821
Edition: 300 copies


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”Did You Have A Good Day, David?” is the debut album of swedish reedplayer Thomas Backman. Nevertheless, Thomas isn’t a newcomer to the swedish audiences.

For 15 years he has been working as a bandmember in reputable groups such as Klabbes Bank and paavo and as a sideman to Sarah & Georg Riedel and Maia Hirasawa to name a few.

In 2016 Thomas finally put together a group of his favorite musicians to form a band of his own. The members are award winning, well-known swedish musicians. They have performed and recorded with artists such as Django Bates, Uri Caine, Filip Jers, Loney, dear, Ane Brun & Fire! Orchestra.

After touring in Sweden 2017 the band went to Studio Dubious in Stockholm to record ”Did you have a good day, David?”. The music on the album consists of 9 songs, all Thomas’ compositions, and 3 songs written with Josefine Lindstrand’s lyrics.

Most of the songs are specially written for the band. In addition to the new songs Thomas has re-arranged a few of his older songs as well. Elements of bebop and freejazz as much as from hiphop, indie pop and chamber music can be heard in the music. Together with the dynamic arrangements, the intimite interplay and Christoffer Roth’s carefully crafted mixes ”Did You Have A Good Day, David?” sounds pioneering, unique and ”outside the box” in the jazzgenre today.

1. Output
2. Jag Såg
3. Modern
4. Nej
5. MI
6. Allt finns kvar
7. Pennsylvania
8. Glejs
9. Bortom alla tvivel