Sverige — Rymden

Sverige — Rymden


Tona Serenad — TS15
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Let's take a step away from the detailed picture at the kitchen table that Sverige painted so well for us. We're going out, through the window. To outer space. But we are not losing focus.

We're going on a journey to the endless universe, where loneliness can feel just as intense as is does down here on earth, where Sverige is dreaming about something new: what if outer space is as big as they say? Then that's where you would find the best hiding place, right?

You could just hum along to the far away echoes of everyday's symphony, painting the most beautiful panorama, using the stars to color, brightly shining all the way back to the solitary kitchen table.

1. Följa med
2. Stjärnor
3. Gömstället
4. Känn Min Fina Stil