Molnbär av John — The Thundersketches

Molnbär av John — The Thundersketches


Tona Serenad — TS08
Release date: 2012-02-06
Format: 320 KB/S MP3

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This is Thundersketches. It is a showcase of the groundwork and the sketches used for Thunderclown, the crackly, croony affair between Scottish indie crooner Momus and Swedish vinyl charmer John Henriksson.
The sketches are as scribbles in a notepad, where the letters at first follow the lines on the paper, then float in different directions, crashing into and pulling away from each other, before finally reaching the paper's edge, just short of falling off the page. 

Built from a thoughtfully curated selection of sounds – a piano, a singing saw, harps and strings and a dusty needle – sampled from vinyls rescued from thrift store anonymity, pieced together from various places in time and space, only to see them let loose as a cloud of fluttering insects, intermingled and given new life as organic, romantic compositions, where the needle skipping and scratching the record forms drawings beside the letters in the notepad and then again erases them.

1. Aujourd'hui il fait beau
2. The Thundersketch
3. The Criminal Sketch,
4. Willow Sketch
5. The Teacher Sketch
6. Gibbous Groove