Momus — The Thunderclown

Momus — The Thunderclown


Tona Serenad — TS06
Release date: 2011-06-14
Format: 320 KB/S MP3

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Believe it or not, The Thunderclown is the first time a Momus related piece has been cut on wax since '93. Could it be that John Henriksson's hazy, yet meticulous collages, which serve as the album's instrumental parts, were made out of threadbare, crackling sound materials recorded from 7-inches found in thrift stores in his native Sweden? Regardless,  the haunting and haunted atmosphere conveyed by the signature pops and crackles of the weary, mighty vinyl provides Momus with the ideal aesthetic counterpart to his current interests in retro modernism ("Modernity is our antiquity", says the Documenta slogan) and the figure of the Thunderclown, an unsettling figure inspired by the clowns and fools who were all over the place in 1950s pop music. More prosaically, Henriksson's very, very slow tempos allured Momus to go the super emotional path, and that is great news for all the people out there who opine that he should have taken that path more often in his career. Mining and embracing cliched big ballads at the same time, this is Momus at this most sentimental, and at his most menacing, and it is a treat for both the heart and the ears.  

1. The Thunderclown
2. Precocious Young Miss Calloway
3. The Criminal
4. Gibbous Moon