Directorsound — Two Years Today

Directorsound — Two Years Today


Tona Serenad — TS05
Release date: 2010-10-07
Format: 320 KB/S MP3

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Multi instrumentalist Nicholas Palmer has come along way since his critically acclaimed 2003 Geographic/Domino debut “Redemptive Strikes”. The 7 years that followed saw Palmer alternatively amass then disregard a wealth of recordings while retreating ever further into seclusion and his art. “Two Years Today” represents the fruits of these unheard yet prolific years, interwoven with the sounds of his native Dorset. Ever the romantic melodist, opening track “Somewhen by the Sea” invites the listener into Palmer's typically whimsical musical world.  Delicate piano and fluttering drums join the crashing waves of a Dorset beach before swerving off into a Hawaiian inflected, end of the pier jaunt.  As the album moves up river towards the centrepiece recreation of an inebriated afternoon at an English country fair courtesy of “Before The March / Strawberries and Steam”, throughout, the upbeat often manic compositions belie a thread of melancholia that comes more to the fore on the antique Dulcitone led tracks, “Dreams of Donnybrook” and "Around Twilight". Typically though the album's climactic title track swaggers back, bright eyed with quixotic optimism. 
At turns chaotic and yet somber, hopeful and resigned, ”Two Years Today” represents the very best moments from almost a decade of work from a truly iconic UK underground musician.

1. Somewhen By The Sea / Balance The Balloon
2. Sirens In August / My Shaggy Parasol / When The Sun Sets Over The Yard Arm
3. Before The March / Strawberries And Steam
4. They Came Alive
5. Some Eve With An Apple
6. Dreams Of Donnybrook
7. Two Years Today
8. Around Twilight